I'm now married...

Hello all,

Well at last our wedding took place on Saturday 25th February. There was no fuss or stress and all went well. I returned home to my parents house the night before the wedding but didn't get there until after 10:30 as we had a house full of visitors which I left my other half to entertain. The electricity also went off the evening before the wedding and didn't return until early the morning of the wedding.

The weather was lovely, we really were blessed. The service was beautiful, we had a number of hymns including; Be still for the Presence of the Lord, How Great thou Art and I, the Lord of Sea and Sky and the soloist sang Amazing Grace. I entered to Canon in D and we left to Trumpet Voluntary.
The sun shone when he left the church and also when we were taking the photographs at the reception. As we entered the reception we had Bruno Mars Marry You as our entrance song. I decided to make a speech of the top of my head and it all went well. It isn't very traditional but I wanted to say a few words. We retired to bed just after 5:30am as one of our friends played the guitar in the residence bar and about 20 of us had a great sing song. So I am taking this week off work and relaxing with my new husband :) 

Count down to my wedding...

This day next week I will be married. Sorry If I am boring any of you with my wedding blogging, but it will all be over in one weeks time :) I'm working Monday and Tuesday and then it's party time.
Here is a photo of our wedding invitations, I went for nice plain but elegant ones!

A stroll around my new home...

A few photographs of my new home. The first one is my retro radio which I got in Argos of all places and beside it is one of my dolls. I picked up two of these in a second hand market for €5.00. The second image is of the shower room window, note tiles on the right hand side need to be finished. The third image is of my large light fitting in my entrance hallway which opens all the way to the roof as you can see the sky light at the top. This is a major focal point in the house. The final image is of my dining area, it still looks a bit bare but I will add to it. I got the fishermans light in IKEA.

Over 100,000 page views

I'm excited today as my wee blog has over 100,000 page views and that does not include the times I view my blog. I would like to thank each and every one of you for following, stopping by or browsing through my blog All things nice... It is a bit of everything and most of all it is a journey through my life, from everything I like, from interiors to life in the country, to building a new home and getting married. I love catching up on other blogs and reading about other cultures, lifestyles, diaries and businesses. I hope you continue to stop by and hopefully some day my page views may even reach 200,000!

A shop for me to visit...

I came across this shop online today and I would love to visit it. I will put it on my to do list which is getting very long lately. It is called Red Earth and looks lovely

Here's a link to their twitter page

Wedgewood Teapot...

Wedgwood Harlequin Cuckoo Teapot- one of my first wedding gifts from a good friend that knows I love tea, birds, blue and china :)

An update long overdue.... my new home....

Hello everyone,

So I eventually have time to blog. Since the New Year, we have moved into our new home, we're really settled now; kitchen, snug, utility and shower room are all completed. I have a few accessories to get but that is on hold for a while. I have also got a new job which I am really happy with and enjoying, my office is small and really cosy :) So next thing on the "to do list" is get married. The wedding is in three weeks time! I have the dresses sorted, just need to get mine altered a wee bit. All invites are out, flowers sorted, cake sorted, food sorted, cars, rings, etc. I just have to buy my shoes soon and get my hair sorted. No honeymoon planned as my other half is a farmer and has a lot of work on with cows calving. So in three weeks I will be a farmers wife! I'm living life to the full in the countryside. I'm looking forward to getting married and have time to relax and also do some more work around the new home. At last I got the lead to charge my camera so here are a few photos from around my new home. The snug still looks a bit bare but I will upload more photos again for you all!


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