An update long overdue.... my new home....

Hello everyone,

So I eventually have time to blog. Since the New Year, we have moved into our new home, we're really settled now; kitchen, snug, utility and shower room are all completed. I have a few accessories to get but that is on hold for a while. I have also got a new job which I am really happy with and enjoying, my office is small and really cosy :) So next thing on the "to do list" is get married. The wedding is in three weeks time! I have the dresses sorted, just need to get mine altered a wee bit. All invites are out, flowers sorted, cake sorted, food sorted, cars, rings, etc. I just have to buy my shoes soon and get my hair sorted. No honeymoon planned as my other half is a farmer and has a lot of work on with cows calving. So in three weeks I will be a farmers wife! I'm living life to the full in the countryside. I'm looking forward to getting married and have time to relax and also do some more work around the new home. At last I got the lead to charge my camera so here are a few photos from around my new home. The snug still looks a bit bare but I will upload more photos again for you all!


  1. I bet you're so excited, a ggod start to the year for you.

  2. It looks beautiful! I am so happy for you. Your burner looks great, so cosy. I also adore your lovely kitchen. I understand from experience that the waiting is hard, but you can start to enjoy it now.
    Good luck with your wedding and best wishes for your new life as a farmer's wife. xxx

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE your kitchen! It looks amazing! Very jealous. Hope the next three weeks in the run up to your wedding go well. i did the same thing when I got married last year, wedding, new job and moving house, it's pretty stressful! x

  4. You have had such a busy time recently it must be lovely to get settled in your new home.It looks lovely especially the wood burner and the dresser....and what a gorgeous kitchen!

  5. wow your home looks beautiful ;) i wish you all the love in the world for your big day- many happy years as a farmers wife x

  6. Your new home looks beautiful. What a brilliant start to the new year you've had!

  7. What a gorgeous kitchen, and such an exciting time for you! And living in the Irish countryside is glorious and that is coming from a born and bred city girl!

    Best wishes


  8. Good luck in your New Home!
    It is gorgeous! Especially the kitchen.

    Sandie xx

  9. Absolutely love your blog that I just stumbled upon today! Like you, I built a cottage in the country and got married fairly recently! Definitely think we have similar likes regarding life and home interiors! Best of luck with all your new starts in 2012.



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