Irish Folklore: The Children of Lir

Here are some swans I spotted out of the lake over the weekend, reminds me of the Irish Legend-The Children of Lir where Aoife used her magic to turn the children into swans.

Pretty Accessories from Primark

Below are some of the pretty home accessories available in Primark stores at the moment. They are really girly, romantic and stylish at affordable prices. The candles are nice too. Are you like me, when you buy a candle you really like, you don't want to light it as it is too nice to burn... I do that all the time....

Some Shopping....

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I'm busy at home these days. I try to post a few nice images on my instagram account.Do follow me if you like. Below are just a few small items I purchased recently. I spent a long time in my garden yesterday as the weather was lovely. Unfortunately it is back to its normal rain and wind again today :( Hope you are all having a nice weekend....


Traditional Biscuit Treats

Yummy traditional biscuits for the long weekend. I visited Red Earth in Mullingar and bought some Cartwright & Butler Biscuits. They are a lovely treat. If you haven't tried them you should, plus you get the lovely tin too that looks good in the kitchen. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.


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