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Came across this really cool website, what a lovely place to escape to- Lovelane Caravans and Campsite.
Lovelane Caravans and Campsite is a unique boutique classic caravan campsite in Cornwall. They have lovingly restored a small selection of classic caravans. Have a look at the images below for some eye candy!
{All images from Lovelane Caravans}


  1. They are so sweet, what a beautiful place to spend the weekend.

  2. Ooh thanks for posting this as i would love to go - looks so much fun!
    Rachie xo

  3. Hi Two weeks in the Lake District in 1972 put me off caravanning for life! but I must admit these look very tempting!!! jennyx

  4. hello my lovely

    Ooh this looks like the perfect spot for a summer holiday ♥
    am going to have a little browse

    wishing you a happy weekend

    love & hugs


  5. That looks like a colorful fun place!

  6. Absolutely wonderful! I have stored the site in my favourites - thanks for the heads up!

  7. So cute!
    I've left a little present for you over at Dear Designers Blog. Please pop by and pick it up.
    Carole x

  8. I live in Cornwall but have never heard of that site, it looks a lot of fun,
    would love to spend some time there in a gypsy caravan. thanks for sharing this


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