A Stylish Award....

A big thank you to Jenevieve from Buttons, Ribbons and Other Things for this Stylish Blog Award. I am very honoured to  be chosen for a style award. You should visit Jenevieve's blog, it is full of colour, lots of outdoor life, creations and lots of inspiration, she has opened a new facebook page for her shop A Rainbow Life too.
I have to now tell you seven things about myself, I don't think a lot of my blog followers know much about me, so here goes....

1. I am a true home bird
2. I have a Diploma, a Degree and two Masters Degrees from three different Universities
3. I am 28 years old
4. I still live with my parents (but I'm currently building a new home with my boyfriend)
5. My favourite colour is blue
6. I love tea (always time for tea)
7.  I have lots of freckles

Fianlly I have to pass this award on to 15 other blogs. As I have so many favourite blogs and lots of stylish followers and blogs I visit, I have decided to let you all join along if you wish. I hope it doesn't look like I'm cheating or not following the rules, but I hope some of you will join in and let us know seven things about yourself.

And remember you should all visit Jenevieve's blog.


  1. Congratulations!!! And nice getting to know you - thanks for sharing!!

  2. Well done on getting your award! it is really hard to pick 15 ! I should have done what you have!!!
    Happy New Year to you, I am seriously behind on blog catch up!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,
    Andrea x

  3. Nice to learn a bit more about you! I have lots of freckles too (especially in the summer) and blue is my favourite colour too! :) x

  4. This was fun getting to know you...cutie!

  5. hello again

    many thanks for the sweet comment x

    congratulations on your very well deserved reward.

    wishing you a wonderful week



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