dots and spots

I'm really excited, today I was the lucky winner of a giveaway over at Dots and Spots. I have won 12 wonderful card designs. Becky over at Dots and Spots has a beautiful range of bright, contemporary, stylish collage prints. Each design is created from a collage of different papers, the paper is carefully cut or torn and then layers of different paper built up to create a unique, original and vibrant image.  Dots and Spots showcased their beautiful designs at Top Drawer London a few weeks ago, the exhibiton stand was so pretty. You must all take a look at her website and visit her over at her blog Dots and Spots Design.


  1. Congratulations on winning the cards! I love her designs, they're so pretty! :) x

  2. Congrats...Her designs are so lovely!
    Clare@Weekend Crafter xx

  3. Ooh congratulations on winning such a fabulous giveaway. they are truly gorgeous cards.

    wishing you a lovely first week in february

    warmest hugs xxx


  4. Congratulations on winning the cards they look really lovely, I'm sure you will put them to good use.

  5. Well done on winning Beckys fab cards! I stock Dots and Spots in my shop so I am a great fan ! Have alovely week,
    Andrea x

  6. What a fab giveaway! you are so lucky! jennyx

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments - popped your cards in the post this morning - hopefully they should be with you very soon.


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