Lace & Crochet Furniture....

I adore all things lace, crochet and doilies too, although my friends and family always say doilies are old fashioned and dated! They obviously have no taste, just feast your eyes on these images below-
All images above are from Marcel Wanders
A new application for traditional crochet. The open structure and lightness of the works provides a beautiful contrast against solid blocks of colour.


  1. Amazing pics! I have indeed had a blog makeover. Chuffed to bits with it! x

  2. WOW! I am really loving these. They look fabulous. Pam x

  3. well, they may be for some..I however am of the impression that doilies & Crochet are very much in fashion, I enjoy making these lovelies, they have a nostalgic charm, and I'm happy that I am continuing the tradition for they are lovely...:)

  4. Wow these are beautiful and so intricate.



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