Review of 2010

Here is just a quick look back at some of the things I blogged about in 2010. Some of you may remember a few of the blog posts but if not, why not take a look at them. I enjoy writing my blog and have really got to know some amazing people, some creative, some taleneted, some so sincere and good natured. I love reading all your blogs. So here are my own favourite posts from my blog in 2010;

January: In January I tended to be very emotional as I was unemployed. I wrote long posts but some of them are nice to read back over, others are a bit boring if I must say so... :) This is my favourite post of January when I wrote about colour or as the americans would spell it color.

February: I was very creative in Februrary and made a small rug, a wall hanging and some hearts. I also posted some images from my interiors scrapbook, take a look at this post;

March: I was busy throughout March as I got a new job in February and was getting to grips with the job. I didn't get around to blogging as much. I did  post some lovely photographs of Ireland for Saint Patrick's Day for those of you abroad, have a look;

April: I spent alot of time in April outdoors as the weather was good. Every Sunday myself and my boyfriend went somewhere for a drive or walk discovering the countryside. I also spent some time on his farm with the animals, have a look;

May: I blogged about random stuff in May. I blogged about things I love and here is just one of them;

June: Summer was here and I was full of life, visiting great houses and gardens and enjoying the long days. I also wrote about interiors and style and I revealed my BIG news to you all;

July: In July I wrote about my holiday in Edinburgh, Scotland with friends and shared some inspiring kitchen designs with you all. The weather wasn't very good, it rained a lot. Here is a post from my holiday when I visited Stirling;

August: I went to Kilkenny for a long weekend in August and the weather was lovely. I was inspired by Pip Studio, Amy Butler and Avoca. I blogged about more home interiors and some design and craft centres I visited. 

September: Our new home progressed well in September and I posted some updates on it and what my new life on the farm will be like.

October: I was busy in October posting about all sorts of nice things for the new house including lights, mirrors, stoves, doors and lots of bright interiors. This was one of the updates on the new home, not much has happened since apart from the roof is now slated.

November: I blogged about Christmas preparations including crafty gifts, pine cone decorations, and handmade goodies. I also focused on more interior inspiration; beautiful bathrooms, making a splash (bathroom tiles) and wonderful workspaces. I posted about owls- owl templates and owl love you :)

December: While Christmas shopping I saw lots of lovely items I could of added to my santa list, actually if I added them all, my list would be endless. I posted about some of these including pom pom galore, handbag heaven, away with the birds and dear santa...As always though I was looking out for lovely images of kitchens online too. Here are a few I loved in December

So there you have it, a whirl wind tour of All things nice.... for 2010. I am delighted I got to share it with you all and thank you for your kind comments. Hope you enjoy it :)


This Christmas I attended two weddings. Have a look at the venues, what do you think? I have been to 6 weddings this year. I like attending weddings, but when you have a lot of them you don't enjoy them as much. In Ireland, weddings generally start around 1:00 in the day with the church ceremony and then the reception is in a hotel straight after. On arrival you receive tea and then later in the evening around 6:00 a full  5-6 course dinner is served. Speeches take place, then a band with dancing, some more snacks and tea and then dj with disco music. So a wedding day here is a very long day- finished late about 3:00 in the morning. What are weddings like in your country? I have never been to an outdoor wedding as the weather isn't good enough here in Ireland. Here are a few photographs from the two venues to share with you.

{Images from Farnham Estate}

{Images from Lough Erne Resort}

Grab my button....

Here is a wee blog button I created using Picnik, it is an image of an angel I sketched. I hope you all like it and please feel free to add it to your blog :-) I wasn't sure if I really liked it as you cannot see the wings??!? What do you think? Give it a try yourself it's fun.

Away with the birds....

{All images from Cox & Cox)

Some Christmas Presents I got...

Above are two pairs of shoes and dresses I got as Christmas presents. I got lots of other nice things. Hope you are all enjoying the festive season

Things I ♥

Here are some things I blogged about throughout 2010. Can you remember any of them? Hope you are all having a wonderful christmas :-)

Happy Christmas to all in Blogland

Happy Christmas to each and every one of my blogger friends and those who visit my blog. Sending you all love & good wishes for the Christmas period.

I ♥ life in the countryside

As you all know my blog is all about things I like... basically all things nice... So you may have gathered that I love life in the countryside. Here are a few photographs of life at home in the Irish coutryside, some photographs of places near to where I live. I love the Irish Countryside, the tranquility, the fresh air, the sound of the animals and the life in general. In 2011, I hope that our new house will be completed and then I can move to my new home with my boyfriend, we will then live on the farm, I can't wait :o) Below are a few photographs I have taken this year when I was out and about at home :)

Handbag Heaven....

Amy Butler Inspiration.. how pretty, stylish and unique are these wonderful handbags- each with their own lovely pattern and personality.

Bring some brightness to these dark winter days...

With some Amy Butler Design... How pretty are these colours and patterns- they would cheer me up anyday :)

{Images from Amy Butler}


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