Update on My New Home- Come take a look around...

Below are a few photographs of my new home. The progress is slow this month, we are waiting on the windows to be installed now. These photos were taken last weekend. Come with me and have a look around...
The photograph above is of the sun room and here is a view of where the french doors will go.  The ceiling will be high and I hope to put a lovely light fitting in here, just like the one below. Excuse the mess outside but it is a building site.
Here are the two front windows of the sun room

And the back window in this room
Below is a view of the back wall of the kitchen/ dining area. The units will go along the wall at the furthest window with an island in the middle. The door at the end leads to the utility and down stairs shower room.
Here is another view of the kitchen looking out from the sunroom. To the immediate left is the double doorway into the snug/living room where we will have a wood burning stove, beyond that is the door out to the double height hallway and again there is the door at the end  into the utlity and shower room at the end.
Below is a view out the kitchen windows into some of my boyfriend's fields. The  field will be graded down at the back to form part of our garden.
Below a photograph to the front of the snug/living room where the stove will go
And finally the sitting room on the opposite side of the hallway
And that's just a short tour of most of the downstairs of my new home. I have no photographs of the entrance hallway yet as it is very much work in progress.


  1. one obvious word after that guided tour...
    AMAZING!!!!!!....i can see the beauty of it already my mind went like titanic film when the wreck beneath comes to life...and boy is it gonna be stunning- the rooms are really big, love the large windows...i know it prob swwms slowww but it is being transformed into a gem! worth all the waiting n dreaming in the end to get your beautiful new home....wowza girly you sooo deserve it...best wishes xxxx

  2. It must be so exciting seeing it all taking shape! I was watching Grand Designs last night and thought of you.Hope it all goes smoothly.

  3. How exciting, it will be lovely. The work is progressinng quickly - you'll be in before you know it!
    Bon weekend,

  4. It's looking wonderful, you must be so excited to see it taking shape. Lucie x

  5. It's looking great, it will be amazing when you have it all finished and put your new fixtures and fittings in! :) x

  6. It is looking great - I bet you can't wait to get the windows in and plaster on the walls :-)


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