Messing around...

Hello everyone, as you may be aware I have been trying my hand at crochet, but I am not progressing very well, I think it has something to do with the type of wool and size of my crochet hook as the hook is very small and it is difficult to see what I've done. So I had a few attempts at crochet and decided that I will turn them into christmas tree decorations and then I began making pom pom which I am also going to use for decorations on the christmas tree. Below are a few photos of my new style crochet :) and also my pom poms. Sorry there are shadows all over the crochet.

Pine Cone Home for Christmas

Most of us come across pine cones in the Autumn months, so of us also collect them, dry them and display them in our homes. Here are a few ideas for homemade pine cone decorations.

Handmade goodies

Last weekend I went to the local Pre Christmas Craft Fair, there was over 70 stands there and my, what a wonderful array of handcrafted goodies. I was in my element. What I noticed though was that alot of people were missing marketing material, for instance no tag or cards to say where they were from to try and get return customers. Thery really should attach even a little card with their name and contact details on each item. Here are a few of my lovely purchases
Crochet topped hand towel for my new home :)
Pretty felt corsage and handmade rose soap

Soap from Sean Nos Crafts
All my wee handmade purchases.

Some pretty delights....

All items are from the Ethical Superstore who have hundreds of earth friendly gifts for all family. It is certainly worth a look if you want to get some nice christmas gifts for family or friends.

Doors, doors, doors...

Doors, doors and more doors, again there are far too many to choose from, I would like a wooden one that I can paint a heritage colour, although everyone is telling me they are hard to keep, what's your experience of wooden doors? What colour is your front door. Why not share it with us by posting it on your blog and leaving us the link, I'd love to get some new ideas..


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