Handmade goodies

Last weekend I went to the local Pre Christmas Craft Fair, there was over 70 stands there and my, what a wonderful array of handcrafted goodies. I was in my element. What I noticed though was that alot of people were missing marketing material, for instance no tag or cards to say where they were from to try and get return customers. Thery really should attach even a little card with their name and contact details on each item. Here are a few of my lovely purchases
Crochet topped hand towel for my new home :)
Pretty felt corsage and handmade rose soap

Soap from Sean Nos Crafts
All my wee handmade purchases.


  1. Love your purchases! I need to visit some of our local craft markets to find lovely goodies too! :) x

  2. Don't you just love stall after stall of handmade goodies?! Love the crocheted tea towel, what a fab idea.


  3. Some people are good at their craft, not so good about the marketing part. Both have to hand in hand.


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