Beautiful bathrooms...

What type of style to choose?? I think I will go for something plain and basic and accessorize it. Doubt my budget will stretch to lovely roll top baths and baths with pretty legs... I can dream though can't I!


  1. I think I have a table cloth with the flower pattern...beautiful just beautiful.

  2. The bathroom towel you posted is really familiar it is so pretty...I love this bathroom and it would be my dream to sink in that tub.

  3. Don't think you can go wrong with plain and white,and you can,as you say,introduce colour with your tiles and towels etc.
    I would love a roll top too..Oh well,it's nice to have a dream... :o)

  4. the simpler the better. i like the bath to be white, clean and sparkling. i'm always all about the accessories, too.


  5. I love rolled topped baths and cream and white an d pretty towels, but I live with 3 males so it's only a dream. Our bath has the capacity for about 2 inches of water and is very low, so as I say I never take a bath, lots of people don't get close to me I wonder why.LOL.


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