Old Irish Wedding Traditions

Saturday night as myself and my new husband sat watching tv, we heard a strange noise outside and then the door bell rang. Husband went to the door and all I heard was shouting, singing and lots of laughter, next thing there were about 20 people in our home all dressed up with old clothes and straw. They threw straw all around the house and then pulled us outside where they had a tractor and trailer waiting for us. They were very modern indeed as the tractor had flashing lights on it. So next, they lifted myself and husband into the large tractor trailer and they all jumped in too. Next thing we knew we were en route to the town where they made a commotion and we all ended up in the pub! This is an old Irish tradition for newly wedded couples in their new home. It is to bring them good luck in their married life and home. Their friends and neighbours come around dressed with straw and take the bride away and the groom has to get her back, however I was lucky they took the two of us with them to the pub. This is a mixture of the old tradition of straw boys or it is more commonly known around here as bann begging (hope I have spelled that correctly). There is very little information on the internet about bann begging and I am wondering am I spelling it correctly. If anyone knows any more information on bann begging I would like to hear from you.


  1. Never heard of that tradition before:) congratulations xx

  2. This is adorable!!!
    What a gorgeous tradition!!

  3. All the best to Mr and Mrs All Tings Nice!
    No I have never heard of Ban Begging but what a lovely idea, Carton House looks lovely as do your new calves!

    Best wishes


  4. wow, what a lovely thing to happen. I love traditions.

  5. Hello, found myself here upon visiting Claudia Coming Home and my dear sis' blog, Serendipitous Home. You all are so talented!

    I am familiar with the term "chivaree", given as a tradition similar to what you've shared here and a quick search yielded an online forum post I thought you would enjoy. A very special and increasing rare tradition, it is my understanding to be the main reason the honeymoon destination is kept secret so the bride is not carried off on her wedding night! Hearty blessings your way both for a long and happy life together. Cheers!



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