Throwback to my Trip to Malaga

Throwback to my trip to Malaga.... I spent a day in Malaga last year while visiting Costa del Sol and forgot to post some photographs. I loved the new port area with its trendy shops, restaurants and cafes. We spent a few hours just strolling around and taking in all the sunshine. Look at those blue skies. This was October last year. My Dad wanted to go on holidays after being diagnosed with cancer. He had such a positive outlook on life and enjoyed the simple things in life. While I enjoy the simple things I'd love to be so positive. We booked this last minute trip to Spain for him. We all thoroughly enjoyed the few days together and he was in great form. He then had a major operation at the end of the year and was recovering very well but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. This trip to Spain was our last holiday together. From now on, he will be with us in spirit. So these photos and that last trip to Spain together will always hold a special place in my heart.


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