This Weekend I'm Gardening...

Now that Summer is here, I am trying to get my garden into shape. I have set a wildflower patch like last year and also some nice flowers along my fence. I had to remove half of my shrub bed as the soil was very poor and now I am in the progress of extending it in the opposite direction with the help of my husband. I hope to plant hydrangea, some lavendar perhaps lupins and alliums. I know very little about gardening so any tips or any guidance is welcomed. Do feel free to comment. Is it too late to start planting flowers or any suggestions of some nice ones to plant?

Below are some photographs I took of my recent trip to Lissadell House & Gardens, most of them are from the Alpine Garden. I can only dream of having a garden like this...

Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way

As you know I love getting away to the sea, while I don't swim I love the sea air, it is so refreshing and good for the soul. A few weeks ago we went for a night to Donegal and toured along the Sligo coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way. Below are a few photographs from our trip.

From top: Mullaghmore sea front, Church ruin with ox eye daisy, cows relaxing at Streedagh (they don't even move when cars drives by), the remainder of the photographs are from Streedagh Beach.

A Weekend Away in Ireland...

Last weekend we got a chance to get away for a night so off we headed through County Cavan and Fermanagh to Donegal. We stayed the night in Bundoran. Here are a few of my photographs of our trip. We packed in loads of sites so I will share more photographs in another post soon.

 Cute Robin at Monea Castle
 Monea Castle, County Fermanagh

Driveway to Monea Castle
 Rougey Walk, Bundoran, County Donegal
 Some pretty flowers, Rougey Walk
 Horses near Tullan Strand, Bundoran, County Donegal
 Wildflowers at Tullan Strand
 Cute house and garden near the sea

Hope you have been enjoying the glorious weather....


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