Doors, doors, doors...

Doors, doors and more doors, again there are far too many to choose from, I would like a wooden one that I can paint a heritage colour, although everyone is telling me they are hard to keep, what's your experience of wooden doors? What colour is your front door. Why not share it with us by posting it on your blog and leaving us the link, I'd love to get some new ideas..


  1. Gee, we have an original wood door and it never occured to me they were hard to keep. In fact our front door is a very boring metal door and when we find and old door we will replace it....

  2. Well this is what people are telling me, wood is difficult to keep. If it's varnished the sun causing it to fade and with our wet weather it doesn't keep well and can let rain in too. They are telling me that composite doors are better insulated and don't warp or fade. I don't know though :(

    All things nice...

  3. I love wooden doors, we have a wooden front door and there's no problem.
    Here is a link to a post I did ages ago on a front door I painted on a house that we renovated and now rent out (and will eventually retire to!)

  4. I have had a wooden door and had no problem with the upkeep, it was a pumpkin red. I now have a metal door and it is a creamy yellow.


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