Choosing the right wedding dress....

I knew it would be difficult but I wish I could find a wedding dress I like that isn't almost €2,000. I have visited two bridal shops and picked three dresses I like the most expensive was €2,300 and the cheapest was €1,750. I cannot and will not justify spending that kind of money on a dress that I will wear once. As I am a UK size 8 and 5 foot 2 inches tall, weighing less than 8 stone, I am smallish. As a result I would like a figure hugging dress, not an A line or flowing dress. I have noticed that a lot of the dresses have folds of fabric across the front which I do not like. I also do not want a strapless dress as I would not be comfortable in it. So that limits me to a tight dress with some type of strap (not a tiny spaghetti strap though that looks like an after thought) and no sweetheart necklines. Fussy your thinking and you are probably right. So below are the three nicest dresses I have seen but they are all over my budget

The above dress is Mon Cheri Kali which is very detailed and has a very long train. It is quite heavy on too. I like the style though and also the neckline as it is not too low. I would have to get this dress taken up at the front though. 

This is Novia d'Art Daniella, I love this lace dress, very figure hugging. It is the most expensive and the one that is way over my budget but it was the nicest on me. I loved it. The only thing I'd like to change would be the level the belt is at, I think it may be nicer higher up. The only way I could get this dress is if it was second hand and cheaper. 

The final dress is totally difficult than the two dresses above. It is Ritva Westenius Beatrice. It is a classsic looking dress, very simple and elegant. The bridesmaids dresses would have to be very simple and I think it may be a little plain for me. I have shortish hair so perhaps I would look very plain in it. 

I would love to see what you all think of the dresses above, as I said the three of them are over my budget but I think my budget is probably unrealistic. I have looked online at american websites selling imitation dresses but I would be afraid that they are different fabric and would not fit properly. Have you any feedback, suggestions or links to photographs of the above dresses or any other dresses you like or think are similiar. 


  1. I think the second one is absolutely gorgeous,very dreamy and romantic!..and would suit your small frame.Is it possible you could get a dressmaker to make your dream dress for you? This would work out cheaper,and it would be made to your requirements and would therefore fit you perfectly. :0)

  2. anything you buy will have to be altered, have you looked online at J. Crew or Anthropologie

  3. Thanks for the comments and advice. I love those websites, since I wrote this post I think I have found my wedding dress, it is very different to any of those above but it is lovely and very me!I am going to the bridal shop again to fit it on next week and if I like it I think they will order it in my size.

    All things nice...

  4. I love the lace dress, I think you said it was your fave. I am about the same size as you and would be swamped by the ones with all the folds.
    have just seen your comment above. How exciting! xxx

  5. I love dresses one and two... they are simply gorgeous - especially the back of dress two. I am a similar height and weight to you, and I think these styles would suit me most too... Glad you've hopefully found your dress though - look forward to seeing it! x

  6. hi there, I am new to your blog - recently finding you whilst 'hopping'! Congratulations on your engagement - I bet you are really excited! I recently got married and found a wealth of inspiration for the wedding using google images - I already had my theme (which fell into place without any thought) so if you have any ideas, google is the place to head. I set up a folder on my laptop and saved any image that grabbed me. I made all the invitations and envelopes, confetti pouches, table seating plan, jewelled headpieces etc etc. allow plenty of time if you make your own things - I underestimated the tasks and was working on things the day before!! All great fun though!!

    Good luck with the dress hunt (PS have you tried Ebay for the designers you like?? May get lucky, you never know!)

    BH x

  7. the hunt for the perfect dress is so exciting. i know you will find something that will be perfect without spending a lot of money! which as you say above you may have found!

  8. Oh I love option 2 - and the belt there is just awesome too!

  9. I love the first one, it is romantic and yet elegant, reminds me of an old movie. I hope you can manage to buy something you like within your budget.

  10. Congrats on your pending nuptials! The dresses are all lovely. I really love the lacy one second up from the bottom. I got married this past July and it was very hard to find a dress I felt comfortable in. I ended up buying a strapless, but buying a lace bolero on ebay (for only 20 bucks) and then having a seamstress add a second layer of sheer fabric so it was more to my liking. She even added clear snaps (no one could see) to keep the lace jacket in place and make it look like it was one with the dress. I was really pleased. Best of luck to you in your hunt for the perfect dress!

  11. I had the same price dilemma, which is why I bought a preowned designer gown. It was originally over 6000 and I purchased for under 1000. I know not everyone is comfortable with that route, but it has allowed me to have a fabulous gown for a very manageable price.


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