Why not pop over and meet the animals on the farm...

Some photographs of my boyfriend's farm. Part of his farm is in a Natural Heritage Area. This is a designation in Ireland for an area considered important for the habitats present. It also holds species of plants and animals whose habitat needs protection. There are a lot of Whooper Swans on the lake each year. The land is nestled among rolling drumlin hills and lakes and many of the fields roll down to the lakeshore. Here is a view of one of the fields across the lake which is surrounded by the lake on three sides.
The farm is both dairy and beef and I love the wee calves. My boyfriend will think I'm mad taking photographs of the calves but they are adorable and very photogenic don't you think...

The ear tags are so large, the poor calves look like they are wearing large ear rings. The ear tags have to be fixed as it is EEC law. It doesn't hurt them though as it is the same as us getting ear rings :o)

This little one has yet to get his jewellery. I really like this wee calf- look at those adorable eye lashes :o)

He's a little camera shy
And then he got use to the camera, he lost one of his ear rings too
And last but not least, how cute are these three little calves...
they all wanted to get a look at me..
And here are a few photographs of my neighbours sheep and lambs, I couldn't get close enough as they kept running away and the mothers kept hiding the lambs, sorry they are a little blurry


  1. awww how sweet, we have sheep on the farm next door and the kids love looking at them out of the bedroom windows! xxx

  2. lovely post hunny! I'm very enviuos of all your lovely countryside around you!
    karen x x x

  3. Oh I loved this post, more personal and with pictures, and mumus are so cute, I was thinking to make some lambs pictures too, my boyfriend already got use too that I am taking pictures of everything, he waits when I am taking pics of food but not too long;) I am connected! I can see a window to comment finally!!!
    Hugs from not so far:))) We were in ASDA a week ago in Enniskillen and I was thinking: hmmm... You live somewhere here:)

  4. Marry the man quick! Then those adorable moo moos will be half yours! Lovely photographs...xxx

  5. What a great post, how wondeful, yes the boyfriend sounds wonderful. I like how he thought you were a bit off to be snapping away. Thanks for coming by and your sweet comment, always a pleasure to visit with you!
    Wishing you a good day,

  6. Such sweet post, lovely photographs!

    Have a happy day. xo

  7. The calves are so cute with their large earings;) Have a great day.

  8. Lovely post my darling. Such a serene and beautiful place, I would love to spend some time there, it is heaven on earth. Enjoy your time at the farm.

    Love & Hugs

  9. I just thought those little calves were so cute. They could start a new earring trend. At one time I decorated my house with cows...ornaments, wallpaper border, dishes. I have changed a bit since then. Valerie

  10. Aww... cute calves! I absolutely LOVE the small one with the cute eyelashes! SO CUTE!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. awwww how lovely that your boyfriend owns such beautiful land/landscape- beautiful views!!!!
    and to have the cattle and dairy cows too what a joy!...i love seeing the little lambs in the local fields here too ;0) signs of spring!xxx hope your having a lovely time and best wishes xxxx

  12. Love your pics of the calves...sooo sweet! I'm actually afraid of cows and won't walk through a field if there are any in it,especially if I have the dog with me.I love to see fields of cows at a distance though,and to hear them 'mooing'.Hope you had a lovely Easter!

    Bellaboo :0)

  13. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and spending time looking at the lovely calves, I'll try and get some more photographs of the landscape around the farm to share with you in the next few weeks.

    All things nice...

  14. Oh how I yearn to live on a farm...my husband is such a city slicker :)
    Thank you for those lovely pictures...those calves are just so sweet :)
    You are a LUCKY girl! xo


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