I love elephants....

My friend sent me this wonderful image of a wee baby elephant which he saw on a newspaper website. I thought it was so cute. I couldn't find the link for it. It makes me happy every time I look at it. Hope it makes you smile and brightens up your evening :-)

And this is where my love of elephants started when I was just a baby
I got this wee elephant teddy from my parents and I have it ever since :-) Don't laugh now! Yes I'm sad I even have a photograph of it for you, its all tattered and torn but I have it so long I have become attached to it, it will be 27 this year!
Yes notice the new trunk.
And how worn it is... and totally thread bare!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog i think its still the same address
    the baby elephant is so cute, cant help but smile at him.
    you can tell that your toy elephant has been well loved its nice that you have kept it so long.
    hope your job continues to go well for you take care

  2. I love elephants too.I have two little hand knitted ones that I picked up at a WI sale.
    Your toy elephant is so sweet and well loved.I have kept the bear I got on my 5th birthday in my Xmas stocking...won't say how long ago that was!

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Oh yes me too. Ever since I saw Elephant Diary on the BBC, with the orphans in Kenya. Little Jipi was one who didn't make it and it was literally heart-breaking to see the trauma they go through. Love your elephants !

    Have a lovely week

  4. Elephants, apparently are a symbol of long life.
    It looks as though yours has had a very loved, long life!
    He is still beautiful!
    LL Nat

  5. I love your stuffed elephant. It looks like it has become real, like the Velveteen Rabbit.
    I knitted some little stuffed elephants for two of my boys, as teenagers! One elephant went to college with my oldest and one hung on the zipper of my middle's ski jacket while he was doing 900's 40 feet in the air.
    For some reason they thought that those elephants were cool... Makes me happy!

  6. Hi hun....I've always loved elephants. I would love to go and ride them in their natural surroundindgs. I collect them too
    I love your loved one....how cute is he?
    have a good day
    karen xx x

  7. Thank you for sharing the piccie of the baby elephant and your cuddly elephant, both made me smile, they are both very cute. :) xxx

  8. awww I love elephants!

    love your little teddy...I have a teddy (which was bright pink 26 years ago and now is VERY light pink) and is known as 'pinky'...it is worn and rock hard but means alot to me! :) xx

  9. Your sweet little threadbare elephant has a lot of charm :o) xxx

  10. awwww your ellie is a true TREASURE!!!!! ;0)
    ive kept alot of my teds and dollys since i was wee ickle thing...its all the lovely memories and comforts that they hold ;0)xx


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