Precious Moments Last Forever

This year has been difficult for me but I suppose life isn't always rosy is it? This month I lost my Dad, he was much more than just a father figure he was one of my best friends. As a family we had such fun times together. He loved to travel and explore new places and was always so positive and cheerful. The photographs below are from our last trip around County Cavan, these photos were taken in June, little did we know that one month later he would be gone. I do hope that his soul is gone to heaven and that he is looking down on us everyday. Forever in our memories Dad........

A visit to Fore in County Westmeath, Ireland

A few weeks ago we decided to visit Fore in County Westmeath. I had visited a few time before when I was a child and we went years back before we got married. It has a number of heritage features; ruins of the old Abbey, Church, mill race, arches, graveyard, etc. There is a small visitor centre/coffee shop just down the road in the village but we didn't have time to visit. It is a quaint place with little development. The weather was dry but a little dull. It's a lovely place to visit if you are in the area

Snow Day in Rural Ireland

The snow came and today we have a red weather warning in place. Storm Emma is on the way.. it didn't stop me from getting a few photos early this morning. Life goes on in rural areas for farmers, the animals need looking after, feeding, water, bedding, etc... Some water pipes have frozen so this makes it all the more difficult. So spare a thought for all those farmers working hard to keep things going whatever the weather. Stay warm and cosy wherever you are!

Decorating our guest bedroom

I am not sure if I have shown you some photographs of one of our guest bedrooms which is still a work in progress. We are in our home six years but never had any furniture in this room until before Christmas when we had family staying over. I do have another guest bedroom fully decorated but hadn't bothered with this one until now. It was about time too after six years! I need to add some finishing touches like pictures/wall art, perhaps a radiator cover as it looks awful in these photographs. I would also like some prints for the bedside tables as the current ones with the birds don't match the decor. If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear from you as I really don't know what type of pictures/wall art to get that will tie in with other bedclothes I have. To see some more images of my home, take a look at my instagram

Around my home at Christmas

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We have been busy this festive season with a family wedding the week before Christmas. We had some guests stay over, then a few nights out followed by Christmas dinner for seven this year. Overall it was really enjoyable but went very fast. I have a few more friends to meet up with and then time to ring in the New Year.


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