A Hidden Gem in Ireland's Ancient East

This weekend was a bank holiday here in Ireland and I took an extra two days off work. I visited County Louth on Friday and came across the quaint port of Greenore. It is very small but pretty all the same. There is a tiny village with brick houses which were built for the railway workers and the port workers years ago. There are also some arts and craft design homes which were originally built for railway drivers, they are so beautiful and very unique for Ireland. We spent a short time in Greenore as we didn't have much time and we wanted to visit Carlingford as well. I really loved this wee place and would love to return again.

County Leitrim's Coastline along the Wild Atlantic Way

Did you know County Leitrim has its own coastline? It is the shortest coastline of any county in Ireland but it is one of the most stunning in my opinion, unspoilt and natural. It forms part of the Wild Atlantic Way and has some of the best surfing in Ireland. I always love the seaside, the sea air always does good for the body and soul.

Wanderlust... Take me back to Ile de Re, France

I am forever looking up holidays to anywhere with sunshine, heritage and pretty buildings. Below are some photos from Ile de Re one of my favourite places to visit.

Meet the Animals at Dublin Zoo

I visited Dublin Zoo this week and posted some photographs already, but here are the remainder of my favourite photographs. I loved this one of the hippo with the wee bird pecking his back. He was really enjoying the sunshine..
Flamingos always look so delicate to me, I imagine that their thin legs would break easily. I liked the reflection in the water though...

I am somewhat afraid of Ostriches but this guy was very well groomed compared to the others.. 
This appears to be a Rhino mum and baby... they are huge and have really thick rough looking skin..
This chimpanzee was pottering around with something in his hand which he was examining. Once I zoomed in, it appears to be a dead baby chick :( He didn't eat it when we were there though, perhaps he was just investigating...
King of the Jungle, he looked like the Patriarch 
And finally my favourite-the Elephant. In Dublin Zoo, they seem to have lots of space to roam around in so I didn't get to see much of them
So there you have it, just a few of the wonderful animals from Dublin Zoo.. If you haven't been it is really worth a day out... 

A Day at Dublin Zoo

I am one of those people who have a love hate relationship with zoos. I don't like the idea of the animals not in their native environments, however I know they are cared for well and have been in captivity all their lives. Dublin Zoo is a great zoo to visit as the animals have lots of space to live. It was very warm when we visited so many of the animals were just relaxing in the sun..  Below are some of my photographs, the Gorillas are always a favourite and just look at the Red Panda-he is adorable!! He was so chilled out relaxing on this branch in the sun... I wanted to take him home with me. The Giraffe was warm and came close for a drink of water, they are so elegant... I will post more animals in my next post.. Which animals are your favourite?


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