What's in your handbag??

We all have different things in our handbags be it brushes, makeup, diaries, pens, gloves, etc, etc...  Well Nathalie Lecroc, 37  is producing an anthology of the diaries, purses, pens, lipsticks, powder, mobile telephones, tampons and other objects that women, and sometimes men, carry around with them.

This project started as an experiment five years ago and has proved to be such a major success. She has already painted 474 sacs à main and will stop when she reaches 1,001. I am unsure if she has yet published her book entitled Petite Anthologie de Sacs et Sacs à Main. Here is an example of her work, it is so beautiful!!


  1. WOW, this is just a great idea, and so well done. thanks for posting about it

  2. Gorgeous painting and colors I love.
    Do we really have all that in our purses?

  3. What a brilliant idea! My bag usually contains junk & old tissues, not interesting enough for a painting! XXX

  4. Wow, i'd love to get my bag contents painted. Please see my blog on what's in my handbag on

  5. I am number 699 with Miss Lecroc, It was a fabulous morning back in 2008 in her Parisian flat. I now have my watercolour on the wall and still love having a good look at all the detail see puts in there with just a few brush strokes.

    I can not wait for her book to be finished, very exciting.


  6. Jill,

    How lucky are you, I'd love to see a photograph of your watercolour. You don't have a blog :( I wonder when her book will be finished. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and read my post..

    All things nice...

  7. Wow! Those are nice work of arts. The maker of these masterpieces is really a genius and a future artist.

  8. Yeah. Really nice art pieces. Thanks for sharing this.


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