Attempts at art

Myself and my mother did the work above. Mother painted the mountains while I did the fruit. I came across these while I was tidying up the study, they were hidden behind one of the presses for years and I had forgotten about them.


  1. Fabulous artwork! Much too pretty to keep hidden away :) I especially love the first two.
    Beautiful xx

  2. How fun and pretty they are...
    are u going to get them framed?

  3. Brilliant! You are both so

  4. These are great - the mountains look so Irish (in a very good and slightly homesick way!)

  5. Thats just the sweetest to share a drawing together with your mum x precious things to treasure x i love looking back through old sketch books things i did a while back and almost forgot- little treasures x i always love your blog- its truely homely and warms my heart x thanks for your sweet comments x

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments and for stopping by my blog. I love getting comments from you all.

    Glenda I'm really bad at framing things, I still have my certificates from University sitting in the study waiting to be framed and I havent done it as I need to get matching frames. Maybe some day I'll get round to it.

    Crafy Mermaid, hope you aint too homesick, the weather is awful here and I'm sure your prob soaking up the sun.

    All things nice...

  7. How cool! I love looking at old work I did it reminds me of who I was back then! your fruit table looks so jolly and friendly. Oh and thans yes the Fair was good but exhausting!

    Sarah x


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