Happy Weekend :o)

Hello Everyone, I hope your enjoying your weekend, the weather was awful here in Ireland last night but today it is dry and sunny :) So hopefully that will last. Here is a photograph I took of the evening sky yesterday evening

My rug is coming along very very slowly, here is a photograph of it so far,

Thursday evening I was in town and bought these lovely storage boxes, they are really pretty. I have put my cross stitch and craft materials into them. They were so cheap €6.00 for the three of them at Dunnes Stores.

Now as the weather is nice, Im off to the woods for a walk, I might bring my camera along so I can take you for a walk through a woodland of Ireland later :)


  1. Heavenly sky- the beauty b4 the storm! hehe im in the west country, devon- so i share the stormy windy wet skies!...i love your pussy cat rug! how cute!...and such beautiful box's have a real christmas feel looking at them- great to hide away all the arty bits in ;0)
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog x

  2. I love the boxes! I've been meaning to thank you for your uplifting words you posted on my blog. For some reason, when I'm at work which is when I do most of my online surfing, blogging, etc (yes, my job gets boring at times and I must pass the time)and click on the link to your page, it freezes and I can't view your page. Anywayz, can't let the IT peeps know b/c well it isn't work related. So, I'm just saying thanks now! :o) Have a FABULOUS weekend! Please do posts pics from your walk. I would love to visit Ireland one day! I'm sure it's so beautiful.

  3. Those boxes are great! And the sunset is stunning.


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