Goals for the New Year- so many dreams are waiting to be realized

My Goals for 2010
Remember a goal is a dream with a deadline!

No.1 Eat healthier so instead of biscuits with mugs of tea- replace with cream crackers, replace cake and sweets with fruit

No.2 Keep positive, jot down positive thoughts and ideas in my notebook

{My own photo}

No.3 Complete my plant and bird identification booklets

{My own work}

No. 4 Study for my course

{My photo}

No.5 Keep in contact with my friends reguarly

{Poster print}

No.6 Continue with my craft projects- finish off any which are unfinished, keep practicing on my new sewing machine

{My own work}

No.7 Make more handmade projects

No.8 Buy some blank white cards to make greeting cards

No.9 Continue taking photographs of my travels and my local area at home

{My own photo}

No.10 Spend more time outdoors

{A painting at home}

No. 11 Appreciate those I love

No. 12 Start a very big project (It's top secret though so I can't share with you all yet)

No. 13 Declutter my walk in wardrobe which I was meant to do ages ago and sort out all my clothes

No. 14 Start back with my To- Do Lists as they were very helpful

No. 15 Keep applying for jobs and try and not get down about them

No. 16 Improve my cooking skills

No.17 Don't worry about little things as much

No.18 Grow vegetables

No. 19 Organise my time better- i.e schedule for the week ahead

No. 20 And most importantly enjoy life :)


  1. I love your goals! Thank you for sharing this lovely post! Both my children have a set of worry dolls from Guatemala that they keep under their pillow :) Can't wait to find out about your top secret project! I'm intrigued :)
    Happiest New Year my friend xx

  2. Great goals, I don't have any, then I can't feel bad about not reaching them! LOL XXX

  3. Ditto to everything!!! Enjoy yourself hunny in 2010....keep smiling
    Hugs Karen x x x

  4. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    Hope you reach and achieve all your goals and dreams. And if not well there is always next year! lol.

    Take care


  5. Great goals! I would like to grow veggies this year! xxx

  6. yes yes yes yes!! all you type i sooo agree with!! so many 'to do's'!!!!...i wish u most of all a very happy new years!!- and exactly only do what one can do...my goal is to be more possitive about myself and life- happy thoughts mean a healthier way of thinking in my book hehe ;0)xx

  7. You really have some great resolutions for the New Year....some of them I will just have to add to my list!! Take care & enjoy "2010".

    Hugs, Sherry

  8. Great list and very similar to mine. :)

  9. You have a great list of goals for the year. Happy New Year.

  10. You sure do have a list of resolutions, and I must agree with quite a few the keep positive top on my list this year, and I love that bowl of fruit. I want to wish you a very Happy New Year! Hugs, Diane

  11. wow - lots of goals!! hope you acheive em all!!! Have a wonderful and crafty 2010! x

  12. I hope all your dreams will be realised in 2010.Looking forward to reading about all your projects to come!


  13. hi ya..thanks for your lovely comments on my blog....and for introducing me to yours (not 1 but 3!)i can identify with many of the things on your list - i didnt make any major resolutions as such (besides trying not to try do and take on too much again this year like i always do - but i can help myself because i want to do EVERYTHING and more!!). i now try not look at my long term to do lists everyday like i used to and find it helps not to stress me out so much, lol! sharon x


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