Progress with the new home... painting has commenced...

Here are a few update photographs on progres with our new home. I took the photographs looking towards the radiators which will be located to the side of the beds. I have to buy flooring and more paint this weekend.
Master Bedroom in blue.
Bathroom which was meant to be Nordic Breeze a grey colour but when put on wall is more a shade of blue. I will get part of the bathroom tiled around the bath, shower and wash hand basin.
Spare Bedroom this room is painted all white but looks a little cream in this photograph. My boyfriend says he'd need to wear sunglasses going into this room but I assure him I will make it look nice.
Part of walk in wardrobe. I hope to have rails on this end and the opposite end and dressing table along the middle of the wall.
Spare bedroom 2. We painted this room Magnolia, again the bedwill room down along the front of the radiator.
Spare bedroom 3 again another bedroom painted cream.
This is my wee Study/ Library where I will keep all my books, papers and craft materials. This will be my hideaway.
Sunroom with high ceiling. This ceiling will be covered in wood and I would like one of the large IKEA light fittings for in here.
Stove in Snug. Sorry about the untidiness. We are buying a wooden beam for over the stove.
Utility area for sink, washing machine, microwave and storage leading to garage.
Dining area looking into sunroom.
Kitchen area. The sink will be along the window on the left hand side and the hob and cooker between the two windows.
Another view of kitchen. In the right corner I will have units and to the left of the door I will have a dresser unit and an island in the middle with seating.
Sitting Room which I have no yet decided what colour to paint.

So that's the update for you all, sorry it looks very disorganised. I have no photographs of the hallway entrance or landing area, storage room/hot press or down stairs toilet.


  1. Wow - I admire your initiative. You've got quite a big project going on.

    My husband and I only did our kitchen and that took us months. Are you finding it tough to economize over there in Ireland? I didn't make all the best choices. I wish I'd got our flooring here instead of the big box retailer just because I think it would have been less expensive. Luckily, I came to my senses with the low VOC paint and even though I got it at the big box store too, it was still less expensive than the Mystic Paint store.

    I can't wait to see how your house turns out. It looks like it's going to be amazing.

    April Robinson

  2. Its looking so good, I bet your so happy to be getting so close to getting done!

  3. oh my wordy!!! its really taking shape- looks so beautiful already i love the arched ceilings and oldy woldy charms! you will make it sooo beautiful with all your interior style! wow! soooooo exciting for you!!!!! xxxx

  4. Thank you all for your comments. April- I have been told my house looks small and my reply is-it's meant to, as it integrates better into the rural landscape. I am a bargain hunter so I make sure that I don't waste money. We project managed the project ourselves which is difficult as I work long days. My father and boyfriend done alot of work themselves and will lay all the flooring. We are painting ourselves too. Like everyone in Ireland except the politicians and bankers we are trying to spend as little as possible but still get good quality goods :) Thanks for your sweet comments.

    All things nice...

  5. Looks like all the rooms are going to turn out wonderfully, I like the descriptions of all the rooms and the sounds of the colours you've picked. Can't wait to see the finished result. xxx

  6. Oh, so exciting to create and decorate a new home!

  7. I really like your color choices!!! Such a cute house, I love it!!!
    I always do all my own work, saves a ton and enjoy being able to say "I did it"
    Chris :o)

  8. Your new place is looking wonderful already. What an undertaking but you seem to have it under control.

  9. Hey, thank you so much for the lovely comment. Did you enjoy studying your geography degree? And what you've told me bodes well for the future then. I would love to study environmental and conservational issues and hopefully go into jobs which relate back to that. xxx

  10. It's all coming on so well! It must be so exciting decorating from scratch! :) x

  11. What an exciting project for you. I'm certain that it seems like it's taking forever having been through a couple of projects like that but it will be so worth it.

  12. Definitely a big project for you and your hubby! But I'm excited to see how it looks after finishing...I wish I had the same spacious rooms in my home!
    Anyway, I would like to suggest these <a href='">vibrant and colorful paintings</a> that I'm sure will go well with your decorating adventures...
    I hope you like them!

  13. Awesome, thanks for the share. Such a big project to take on but you seem to know what you are doing :)


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