A Poet, Church & Tearooms...

We visited the grave of well known Irish poet W. B Yeats who is buried in Drumcliffe County Sligo. I took some photographs to share with you all. It is a lovely wee church. There is also a gift shop and tearooms next to the church which was full of tourists. The church was once part of a monastic site and you can see some of the ruins of the monastery and the high crosses in my photographs.
I love the photograph above but the street light really ruins it on me :( If only I could delete it!
 Here is a view of the interior of the church which was restored in 1999. It is a Church of Ireland Church.
Some detail from the walls of the church.
An exeterior view of the church. Yeat's grave is to the left hand side of the church entrance.
 Interior painting over the alter of the church.
 And finally some ruins of the monastery.


  1. Thank you for taking us on your lovely tour.It is a true desire of mine to see Ireland.I would adore the visit.

  2. your photos made ​​me remember my trip to Ireland a few years ago,
    extraordinary landscape near
    Croagh Patrick and Clew Bay.

  3. And you are the one who said you aren't good at poetry. Not only did you visit a poet's site but your photos are poetry too. Wonderful photos.

  4. That church is amazing inside and out.

  5. I do love celtic crosses, whoops I digress, just popped over to say thank you for your good wishes and see you soon,

    Sarah x


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