Update on January & my New Year Goals

Well we are one month into 2010 and it has gone by very quickly. January seemed to be the month of extremes in terms of natural forces. January started off with severely old weather, seems like alot of you bloggers experienced alot of snow, sleet, rain, freezing pipes, icicles and then some had problem with heating and no water as a result. Then came the devastating earthquake at Haiti, which was an attrocity. People all over blogland supported and remembered the people of Haiti in their donations, thoughts and prayers. Then there were floods and mudslides in Machu Picchu. For so many the New Year did not bring happiness with it, but we all live in hope that the rest of the year will improve for all those suffering people. We also remember many friends and family members who are ill or grieving, your thoughts and prayers are with them all. So overall January has been a bleak start to the year but we will look forward to Spring which is the season of renewal, birth and new beginnings.
So I am just recapping on my goals for 2010

No.1 Eat healthier so instead of biscuits with mugs of tea- replace with cream crackers, replace cake and sweets with fruit- well this one went down a treat, haha, I havent totally stopped eating my biscuits but I have cut down on them alot- so I'd say so far so good :)

No.2 Keep positive, jot down positive thoughts and ideas in my notebook- This was an easy goal for me and so far I'm still jotting down all my innovative and creative thoughts in my fairy notebook.

{My fairy notebook}

No.3 Complete my plant and bird identification booklets- This month I tried to focus on my Bird ID Booklet rather than my Plant ID Booklet. I have progressed well with this and have began to stick my sketches into the booklet I bought. It doesn't look much now but it will hopefully improve as I progress with it.

{My Bird ID Booklet}

No. 4 Study for my course- I'm still studying, I always seem to be studying something or other

{Some of my study notes}

No.5 Keep in contact with my friends reguarly- I have to admit I have probably falling down a bit on this one as the weather has been so bad I havent been able to get out much. If it wasn't frostly it was foggy. In order to visit my friends I have to drive as we live in a rural area and there is no public transport. I did a bit of catching up this weekend.

No.6 Continue with my craft projects- finish off any which are unfinished, keep practicing on my new sewing machine- Well I did finish off my latch hook rug as the corners needed to be fixed, I also did some cardmaking. I cut up all the Christmas cards so I have lots of scrap pieces for making Christmas cards next year. I have done some more practice on the sewing machine and hope to get more old material soon.

{My recycled Christmas cards}

No.7 Make more handmade projects- I haven't had much time for any new handmade projects this month but I hope to get back into the swing on things in February

No.8 Buy some blank white cards to make greeting card- Well I bought some cream ones and lovely paper and stickers too, so at least that was something :)

No.9 Continue taking photographs of my travels and my local area at home- I have taken very few photographs this month it has been very dull but I have some snowy photographs.

{Photograph from the garden}

No.10 Spend more time outdoors- Mmmm I need to work on this one

{Mute Swans}

No. 11 Appreciate those I love- Always and forever

{Love is... the little things we do for each other}

No. 12 Start a very big project (It's top secret though so I can't share with you all yet)- Yes this has started, the 'behind the scenes; stuff has started so hopefully it's progressing ok, fingers crossed.

No. 13 Declutter my walk in wardrobe which I was meant to do ages ago and sort out all my clothes- Ah now this is only January... this one can go on the Spring clean list

No. 14 Start back with my To- Do Lists as they were very helpful- I have started back with my To-Do Lists and my February one is being added to all the time, I also started weekly To-Do Lists

No. 15 Keep applying for jobs and try and not get down about them- Still at this one, I am trying my best, had interview and presentation but I will persevere until I get something.

No. 16 Improve my cooking skills- I made Shepards :) And for me its something new that I hadn't cooked before so I am trying

{All things nice.... including food}

No.17 Don't worry about little things as much- Now I really need to get over this as there are so many people all over the world who have real things to worry about, but I have to admit at times I just can't help worrying, I get stressed and upset. I panic and worry about little things. Does anyone else have this problem? This is something I really need to work on.

{Poor dog trapped on ice in Sea}

No.18 Grow vegetables- Too early for this one as the frost is still here. Poly dome should be going up in the Spring time though.

No. 19 Organise my time better- i.e schedule for the week ahead- I've been using my diary lots and as already mentioned I have started my weekly To-Do Lists

No. 20 And most importantly enjoy life :) This month I am just grateful for my family and friends and all their support, I am also grateful for my good health and everything I have got.


  1. That's a busy busy year planned! :)

  2. Well done hunny....souds like your on track! keep going and don't beat yourself up if you have a hiccup now and again....
    Life is too short....enjoy hun!
    Dying to know your top secret project!!!!
    Hugs Karen x x x

  3. you've got some lofty goals, but they are do-able! even if you do half that would put you so far ahead of "today" and most other people!

    would raw honey taste good on biscuits?

    thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a great post! A great idea to follow up on our goals once in a while to make sure we are still on track....you are doing a great job of keeping up with your goals.
    Good for you!!
    I'm excited about the TOP Secret project!!
    Keep well xxx

  5. what a dreamy little fairy note book x
    thats a year in 'tick off list' hehe
    well done, im so disorganised!! hehe
    one of my top things is to get out in the country for walks more! like the woods and moor's, beaches and nature reserves.
    i love that you keep track of the birds and wild life! ;0) lovely post! as always ;0)xxxx

  6. A lovely and very inspiring post :o) Though You got me worried about the poor doggie now :o(
    I Love the notebook, my daughter bought me an address book by the same artist.

    Warm Hugs for the first of Feb. xxx


  7. Thanks you all for your lovely words. Janean I'm afraid I don't like honey but I do love the bumble bees though :) Sumea, that was the dog that was on the news last week that survived after stranding out almost 20km to sea on ice, a boat saw him and rescued him. So he's safe :) Some of ye were wondering about my top secret project, it will be revealed later in the year :) And yesterday I have achieved another of my goals- I got a job, one that I really wanted :) Just shows with determination, prayers and support from family and friends things are much more achieveable :)

    All things nice...

  8. My darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings.

    Love & Hugs


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