Paris... Some of my old holiday photographs

Some of my blogger friends have reminded me of my holidays in Paris. Here are a few of my holiday photographs from Paris when I was there a a year and a half ago. It really is a truly enchanting place, with something nice to see around every corner. I went on holidays with two of my friends and saw lots of the lovely sites which I had visited before. I'm not a great photographer but I really like these photographs. It is such a wonderful city


  1. lovely! Makes me wish I would dare to board a plane again...I want to see my family in Italy but am too afraid!! I think to see paris it will have to be in the car! xxx

  2. I was 11 years old the first time I went and I still remember every minute of! Strange how some places just stay with you. xxx

  3. awwww beautiful, romantic and the stuff dreams are made must of had a wonderful time x
    i went to paris with university some of my textile samples were at the world design fair- and it was quite an experience- i didnt see a great deal of the real paris- one day i hope to ;0)xxxx

  4. It looks a wonderful place to visit,a place to spend Valentine's day/weekend!
    The photo of the stained glass window is amazing.


  5. oooh it looks gorgeous....trying to persuade hubby to take me there this year....except he doesn't like flying and I hate tunnels!!! thinks we may have to swim!
    Love the Eiffel Tower lit up....fabulous!
    Will let you know if we do dare to go....
    Hugs Karen x x x

  6. Your photographs are wonderful, you've really captured all the beauty and excitement of Paris. The Eiffel Tower at night still makes me hold my breath.
    Have a great week!

  7. Ooooh, those lovely photographs make me wanna be there (again). I think you did your job very good, these pics are beautiful idd!
    La Tour Eiffel... romance .... Valentine ....
    Have a sweet day!

  8. Enjoyed seeing your lovely photos. How I would love to visit Paris one day and see the beautiful cathedrals, Eiffel Tower, etc.

  9. Paris is beautiful, I know like myself some of you may not like flying, neither do I so I only take short flights. I have never been outside Europe and doubt I will be. I have also gone to Paris on the Eurostar and you don't even notice the tunnel I thought I'd be terrified as I am afraid of water and the thoughts of being surrounded by it inside a tunnel was making my stomach turn but it was a really good way of travelling. Mermaid well done you that was a big achievement, the World Design Fair in Paris- Go you!!! You have loads of talent :)

    All things nice...

  10. Lovely pics! Makes me wish I could go!
    One day I'd like to go back home to Italy (I haven't been back in 46) and do a tour of Europe.
    Thanks for sharing!
    LL Nat


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