Spreading some valentines wishes from me to you...

To celebrate Valentine's Day with you my blogger friends here are some images of love from around my home! It's surprising when you stop and take a look around all the Love you'll find. Hope you enjoy them

This is an image from the free Prima Calendar which is just above my workspace.
Ceramic Love Letters which I bought in Next last year, they sit on a chest of drawers in my bedroom
An old card from my mother to my father when they were going out.

Wee cupid/angel on my dressing table

Love stories from my bookshelf

A Saint Valentine's Day 1984 thimble from my thimble collection

First Kiss Image from a picture in the hallway

Last years Valentine's Card from my lovely boyfriend  :-)

A lovely teddy my boyfriend bought me :-)

Heart cushions from my bed, would you believe I actually made the one at the front when I was in school. And I still haven't finished the ones I started a month ago yet!

Another cute teddy I call J that I got from my boyfriend :-)

A Poster image from my walk in wardrobe!

And to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day this year I decorated my workspace a little, have a look
Hope you have a 
Happy Valentine's Day


  1. I love all of the "images of love" from around your home. How fun! Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

  2. What a sweet images on this Valentines day! Hope you are having a warm & wonderful V-day!

  3. Did you make all these craft works?

    If you are short or space, what you should look at is a walkin wardrobe system, this will force you to keep your cloths sorted and clean see http://www.walkinwardrobestore.co.uk for ideas

  4. Happy VAlentine's DAy....Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!!
    Mo :-)

  5. Look how much love is right around us...we just have to take a moment to look! Lovely blog post today...thanks!

  6. all such lovely items, great cushion you made all that time ago. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, Catherine x

  7. oh it looks soooo sweeet- i bet you had a truely magical valentines ;0) look at all those cutie cards and teddys...i love your little work space with the heart paper bunting! luuuuuurrrrrvvvly hehe ;0)xxxxx


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