I got Happy Mail :-)

Hope your week went well and your enjoying the start of the weekend. I was very excited Wednesday evening when I returned home from work :) There was a package waiting for me :) All the way from Canada :) I never received mail from Canada before and mail this nice. I got the camera out ready to take photographs of the contents, but so predictable the batteries were dead. So do you want to see my gorgeous gifts from my dear blogger friend Laurie Anne from Rebel Blossom.

My happy mail consists of a beautiful needle case which I really needed as I have already lost two needles on the armchair. I was in a panic that someone would get them stuck into them! That would not be good. It is so pretty pink and purple with an adorable cupcake on it. And inside I got needles, it is all handcrafted and even has a Rebel Blossom tag which is really cool!

I also received two handmade cards which are really well crafted and perfect looking, they are so nice I will have difficulty ever giving them to anyone :)

And then on top of that I got the cutest drawstring bag- cream and pink with two hearts sewn onto it :) It is so pretty, I am going to hang it on the side of my bed post and put my fluffy bed socks into it :) I sound like an old woman!

Thank you so much Laurie Anne. I will have to post Laurie Anne her Happy Mail this week. To be honest I really didn't know what to send so I was waiting to see what kind of contents to send and I'm afraid I don't have any handcrafted items. My needlework and crafting is not very good but one thing I can say is that it is unique :)

So a massive thank you to Laurie Anne from Rebel Blossom for her very thoughful happy mail :)
You should visit her blog, it is full of lovely crafts, cooking and lots of life stories :)


  1. Isn't it fun to get happy mail. Does not happen enough to any of us but we love it when it does.
    Enjoy all your nice things and come by and enter my chocolate giveaway

  2. awwwww lovely gifts in the mail- how lovely for you- i bet you will enjoy it all very much ;0)xxxx have a lovely day ;0)

  3. what lovely goodies ! I did a week of swaps & we had to open our gifts on the same seven days - it was hard getting it right but we were both pleased with our lot !

    Thanks for popping by my blog xx

  4. lovely gifts and beautiful cards! xxx

  5. oh thats lovely - hope you enjoy them

  6. Enjoy your lovely hand crafted gifts my friend - you deserve them. Will go to visit Rebel Blossom right now;
    Bonne week-end

  7. You received lovely mail! Always so much fun, opening the mailbox and discovering a sweet surprise... Nothing better than REAL post. Enjoy those lovely artworks!

    Happy Monday!!

  8. What a sweet gift to win! I love her blog. She's a sweety. :)


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