A Trip to IKEA

Yesterday I went to IKEA and again I bought nothing, I went along with family so it wasn't a wasted journey, I get lots of inspiration there and see some really nice ideas. I love the way their living rooms are multi purpose rooms, in Ireland newer homes tend to have the tv, the seating and the fireplace with maybe a coffee table and one shelf in the sitting room. Few people have a living room now, and if they do it just tends to be another sitting room focused around the tv. I would perfer to have a living room that is more than a tv room, one with place for the laptop, all my books at hand, my ornaments and lots of personal belonging. I know people now have studies in their homes and my parents have one, but sometimes I don't like having to go off on my own into the study to look at my books. Do you get what I am talking about??

Anyway here are a few items I really like in IKEA
I love the Billy Bookcases and I would need that wee stool as I am quite small. I think this whole unit cost around €357.

I also came across these lovely wardrobes- so pretty in white and look nice against the blue walls. My bedroom is painted this blue colour.
Here is a matching bed
And more pretty bedroom furniture
Oh and I just adore these Ektorp Sofas


  1. I do love a trip to Ikea.Need one of those sofa's,the springs have gone in ours!


  2. Although I really am one for old /vintage furniture, I do love IKEA. They fill in that gap that sometimes old furniture can't do. They are fantastic when it comes to wall to wall shelving! Love their sofas too. We go to the one in Bristol and have oone of their lunches. You need it as there is so much to look at!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. I am pretty strong when I go shopping, in that I don't usually buy things I don't need but I cannot remember ever walking out of Ikea without buying some little thing, even if it's just a candle. You must be stronger than me!
    LL Nat


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