Hello all my blog friends :-)

Hello everyone,

How is all in blogland this week? What has everyone being up to? My first week of work went really well and I really enjoy it :-) I have to go shopping tomorrow to get some work clothes. I might also get around to a bit of crafting. The evenings are getting longer and I'm looking forward to longer days now. I will try and catch up with you all over the weekend. I havent taken any photographs this week but I will tomorrow, until then here are a few more photographs of my walk from last week :)


  1. So glad your first week went well. I wish I could walk round there, it's beautiful! xxx

  2. Glad you've had a good week hun!
    have a restful weekend
    Hugs Karen x xx

  3. Pleased to hear your week went well. Your walk looked delightful. :) xxx

  4. That is good news - glad all went well for you. Happy shopping this weekend and thanks for these beautiful, peaceful images.

  5. lovely pic's, happy blogging and good luck with the new job

  6. These photos are gorgeous!!!
    Good to hear your first week went well, that's a good sign!
    LL Nat

  7. oh my goodness...FAB photos, but the second and fourth ones nearly took my breath away! how peaceful that walk must have been!!!

    thank you for sharing.

  8. Am happy You are enjoying Your new job :o) What a lovely walk to go on..how lucky you are!

    Many thanks to You for Your kind comments on my blog xxx they have really lifted my spirits :o)


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