My Saturday so far...

It's the weekend again and it's very cold here in Ireland. I went shopping today for some work clothes and picked up two nice pairs of trousers for £13 which were reduced from over £40 :) I love a bargain, they are just plain black ones though. So apart from that I am just doing a few things around the house and will cook soon. I did a tiny bit of crafting and almost have my wee cushions finished. I just have to finish sewing the hole where I inserted the stuffing. Take a look at them, they aren't near perfect but I like them, my favourite one is the blue one with the stripes as I used Cath Kidston ribbon. The material I used were from old tshirts and the ribbon came on other things mostly on tops, you know them ribbons they use to hang the clothes on the hangers. I used a button on one of them and lovely diamonds on the other ones- they are actually ear rings :-) It's beginning to snow here at home and it's really really cold but I'm lovely and warm here at the fire! What have you been up to today?

Slightly lob sided but unique all the same :-)

You can see where I need to sew this one up

And this is my favourite one :-)


  1. They are all lovely, but I think the stripey one is my fave. :) xxx

  2. i love your hearts! x...yes its very cold in devon too ;0(

  3. Well done hunny! You're doing really well.
    Do you fancy a few ribbons and fabric pieces to help you along the way? If so send me an i have loads of little bits n bobs that I'm sure will help??
    Can't wait to see your next project...
    Hugs Karen x x x

  4. Love the bright colors of your hearts! Have a happy sunday!!

  5. They're lovely! the colours are so pretty :o)


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