One can dream, can't they? Border Oak Homes

I know I have a brand new home in the country which I am delighted with... but I can still dream can't I? I have fallen in love with these Border Oak Homes since I first set eyes on them. They are full of character, old world charm and look so cosy and country cottage like too. Once we had our home built I said never again, there was so much organising and managing on it however if I won the lotto I want one of these!!! You really should check out their website, the finish of the homes are superb and as for the interiors, I just love them!!! So fingers crossed I win the lotto and then I will be contacting Border Oaks to come here to Ireland to build one of these perfect homes for me, overlooking the lake down the long lane. I even have my site picked! What are you dreaming of today???

{All Images from Border Oak Blog}


  1. I've been in my house with my fiancé for a year now but it never hurts to look, I am also naturally curious to see how the other half live! I have started a new blog you might be interested in thanks x

  2. I'm impressed you're even thinking (hypothetically!) about building! :)

  3. Hello,
    They look very beautiful. We are still working on the exterior of our house. I think it is always inspiring to look at pics of other places.
    Thans for your kind comment onmy homesick post. I tend to keep myself to myself too. i have met some people i have a little more in common with recetnly, which has been really nice.
    Hope you are enjoying your lovely place in the countryside,

  4. Thank you for including our houses in your blog - as well as our website, we also have a Facebook page and a blog (written by a lady who works for us, her first house was featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs) -

    Border Oak


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