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I know many of my bloggers are not from Ireland, however you should all know about The Blog Awards Ireland 2012. As you all know Ireland is a small country, divided into counties. Our counties are quite small geographically and therefore we have a strong sense of community spirit and know a lot of people at a local level. But blog land is totally different, it is my connection with the rest of the world. I follow blogs from all over the world, read about the culture and lifestyles from Australia to Alaska and visit online shops from all over the globe. I have over 300 followers on my blog and I have never met one of you but the Blog Awards Ireland is bringing together the Irish online community with a single event to celebrate blogging right here in Ireland. Since I started blogging in 2009, the number of Irish visiting my blog has increased dramatically.

My blog is purely a blog on my life in the countryside, my home and basically all things nice... I do not have an online business and I do not benefit financially from my blog, but I suppose in my own way I do promote Ireland, particularly rural Ireland and all things rural from our heritage, our wildlife and our crafts to our shops, our lifestyle and our traditions. My blog is very basic in style, layout and content but I enjoy blogging and I would much rather blog and read all about other people's lives, their businesses and their culture than watch tv.

I am going off the point here so basically what I want to say is, if you follow any blogs from Ireland and think they are worthy of being nominated for an award, you should visit the Blog Awards Ireland. Nominations close on 16th July.



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