Goodbye Suki...

Our little cat Suki has been ill over the last week, we brought her to the vets and she was on antibiotics, but two days ago she went outside and has not returned. The weather was very cold last night with snow and Suki still has not returned, it is almost 48 hours since she left. I'm afraid that poor Suki has passed away. She wouldn't be able to survive the cold weather, we have checked everywhere for her but she is gone. 
Goodbye my good friend, I will miss you loads..... 


  1. Huggs. we had 2 cats that took themselves away to pass. its natures way but so hard on their adults.

  2. oh poor Suki, it sounds like she knew it was her time to go.
    I hope your ok?

  3. I am so sorry,you must be heartbroken,Suki looks such a dear little cat.Big hugs X

  4. Oh that's so sad. Thoughts to you and may Suki be at peace over the rainbow bridge. xxx

  5. So sorry, its heartbreaking losing pets xx

  6. Sorry that you've lost Suki and I hope you can remember the fond memories.


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