How do you like your bedroom....

I came across these wonderful bedroom images below on the House to Home website, what do you think? I love them all, some are country cottage style, others lovely pastel colours, some vibrant colours and lots of patchwork and pattern too. You could spend ages and ages on their website looking through all the interiors, so much inspiration.... Now all I have to do is decide what way I want my spare bedroom to look...

{All images: House to Home}


  1. They are all wonderful. I love the restful colors of the last photo, but something about that stripey chair makes me swoon!

  2. So pretty! I wonder which style you will choose?
    I've just ordered a cream bedstead for our spare bedroom,can't wait for it to arrive! :0)

  3. Oh these are wonderful! I really love, love, love two of them

  4. Gorgeous photos, I love the rustic feel with the wood and patchwork! :) x


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