Some Feathered Friends

I had a quiet weekend yet again, I was learning to identify wetland birds so now I know the difference between Mute Swans, Whooper Swans and Bewick's Swans. I also have learned 5 different Geese and a few Ducks so I have a good many more to go, I have sketched each of them to aid in their identification. I have yet to see some of these birds but as I am going to volunteer to do some wetland bird surveys I need to know what Im going be looking out for- haha it would help wouldn't it!!! Anyways enough about those birds, here are a few blurry photographs of garden birds I spotted out the window this morning when I was having breakfast. There were some Goldfinch, Robins and some Blue Tits I think thats what they were anyway. They are blurry as I have a very unsteady hand and I took them through the window so I wouldn't disturb them. Hope you like my new feathered friends :)


  1. Lovely to see the birds.The robin's my favourite.Saw a woodpecker today at the country park where we walk Bella.Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.


  2. I love your blog you always seem to find so many different things to share,it makes very interesting reading,

  3. I've been watching 2 squirrels playing in the tree outside the window, they always pinch the nuts I leave out for the birds! xxx

  4. How very sweet! Due to the cold all the birds except geese are hiding until spring...nice to see the little critters here :)

  5. that's an awe inspiring collection - the birds seem to really like your garden :)

  6. Glad ye liked my feathered friends,
    -Bella I gotta say I have a soft spot for the robin too, when we were kids my mam use to tell us that the robin was sent from Santa to keep an eye on us and make sure we were being good children :)
    -Gypsyrose, thank you so much for your sweet comment, my posts are just random things from my everyday life.
    -Tracey, oh how nice some squirrels, are they red ones? We have a problem with crows instead of squirrels.
    -Laurie Anne, we get lots of winter wetland birds migrating to Ireland for the winter months alot of swans and geese from Greenland and Canada too.
    -Crafty Mermaid, I dunno if the birds like my garden at all but they do like to get the food:)I'm sure you have some lovely birds over there in New Zealand, I heard it is very difficult to spot the Kiwi though.

    All things nice...


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