Beautiful Bedrooms...

If you like some built in wardrobes for storage here is a nice range from John Lewis. Isn't the wee fireplace cute adding some character to this room, to me it is pretty but somewhat claustrophobic with the units built all around the bed. The wallpaper on the chimney breast adds a bit of elegant to this room.

This room found on Channel 4 Homes website is so me! I love the simple colour palette of white and blue, the detail on the bed is really sophisticated and the mirror dressing table is very glamorous. Again this room has a girly chandelier- Love it! The different shades and patterns of floral blues tie the room together.

From Ideal Home, this bedroom is most like my bedroom at home only I have white windows and lighter pine wood furniture.

Another wonderful bedroom which I adore from Country Living, it is very eclectic and has a mix of colours which for me works really well, there is a mix of traditional and modern and of metal and wood but all ties so well together. I am not into positioning beds up against windows as it blocks light and for me never looks just right- I like to be able to see the window and light from my bed :)

As you may have realised I like my blue bedrooms. This is another room from Ideal Home I would never think of a blue and white bedroom with a hint of red but this modern folk bedroom is really pretty and stylish, don't you think??? I really like the floral patern on the bed linen and the red curtains! This bed is the same type of bed as mine only mine is in pine. I like enclosed lockers to keep my books and pens in however I really like these ones they are very simple and pretty and I'm sure they are cheaper too :)

This pale bedroom is very serene and relaxing and looks like an ideal place to relax. It is from Ideal Home. I can just see my wee tattered teddy sitting on the bed, but for some reason I  feel the need to add a hint of pink or blue, I think that's because colours create a sense of warmth and as the weather isn't that sunny or warm in Ireland I like to make a place feel warm. An all white palette is just too cold and clinical for me so I would pop a wee pink or blue fluffy cushion in the middle of this bed or a colourful crochet blanket at the bottom just like this one
Hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful bedrooms with me and get some inspiration from them, are there any bedrooms or styles  in particular that you like?


  1. Nice bedrooms, all really nice. I am planning to re decorate my bedroom after the new year. haven't decided on a color yet but want it to feel warm and cosy.
    thanks for some inspiration.

  2. I love the Country Living one the best. It would be fantastic to be able to afford to go through my whole house & restyle!!! xxx

  3. LOVE the second bedroom!! gosh...I wish mine looked like that! xxx

  4. I love the country living one as I am a bit of a romantic and love the iron bedstead.I bought one this year and absolutely love it.It just 'makes' the whole room.I like blue for a bedroom too,it's soft and feminine.Mine is cottagy with a bit of vintage.Hoping to get new curtains and white check.


  5. all are lovely, but the last all white is my personal choice....

    thanks for sharing.

    happy new year (early)

  6. I love blue! There is blue in every room of my house. Your photos are eye candy for me. Thanks


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