It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Hello everyone, hope you aint all snowed in and your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely. I had another quiet weekend. We have snow now in Ireland too so it's beginning to look alot like Christmas. We're snowed in yesterday and today as our lane has a very steep hill so today they are trying to clear it so we can take the cars out.

So I wrapped some of my presents,

And started to compile my wetland bird identification booklet which includes characteristics to identify each species and a sketch of each. I have the Swans and Geese almost complete, it takes awhile to draw the sketches, I then have to arrange them in my book and add photographs and more sketches, I have about another 60 to do so that will keep me busy over the Christmas. Here are a few examples

On Saturday I started this.... Any guesses what it is?

Did you guess right??

I think it looks quite cute, I finished it last night.
So let me know what you have been up to? I have some more Christmas gifts to buy but I will have to wait until the snow clears and it stops freezing.


  1. Happy you now have snow! I've just got to go food shopping, but the weathers too bad for me to attempt to drive in, so I'll have to wait for Someone to take me....Love your bird drawings, what an interesting thing to do. xxx

  2. Snow, snow, countryside looks great:)
    oh, and we still don't know if we spend our Christmas in a new home, hmmm...
    I think I will take Otis and make more snowy picutures:)

  3. Beautiful pictures.
    There is also a lot of snow you.
    It is probably a white christmas.

    Merry christmas.

    Gr Inka and Andre

  4. Just landed on your blog for the very first time. I am enchanted! I have to ask about the picture of the cat and the that a hedgehog? Oh my, that is adorable!

    I will definitely be back to visit you.

    Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA to Ireland!

  5. Glad you have snow too.That's quite unusual in Ireland isn't it?
    My hubby was born over there and hadn't seen snow until he came to England when he was nine.
    We're having trouble getting around as it's all turned to ice and the pavements are lethal!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    My husband's from Bandon,Co Cork by the way.


  6. Thank you all for your comments.Snow isn't that unusual in Ireland we get a small bit every year but it never lasts too long. Bellaboo Cork is a lovely place I have visited a few times but I live about 200 mile north of Cork. So your husband doesnt have a Cork accent then, its very strong. Happy Christmas to you all :)

    All things nice...

  7. There is something rather nice about being snowed in. You do things that you never usually have time for! Lovely blog! Lizzie x

  8. oh hope the bird ID & drawings go well, sounds like you have quite a few to do for your booklet! :0)
    my thimbles are from when i was very little-my mum & grandparents use to get them for me - i have quite a few!
    have a very merry Christmas!
    best wishes, han x


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