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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a good week, Its over half way to the weekend now :) I've been busy working this week so haven't had much time for my blog. So as I'm still busy here at home I've just going to share with you some photographs in my collection from times gone past, mostly of places I like, some of them you may have visited yourself, so here goes.

Le Tour d'Eiffel

I have visited Paris a few times and really love the atmosphere and architecture of this city.

Edinburgh Old Town- With its winding streets of cobble stones and steps this is another of my favourite places.

Donegal Castle Ireland with a wonderful setting in the picturesque town of Donegal on the West Coast of Ireland.

Powerscourt House and Gardens County Wicklow Ireland is an immaculate setting in the mountains south of Dublin City.

Home is where the heart is!!

These are just a few of my favourite places, my list could go on and on and on, I particularly like visiting my favourite places in Ireland throughout the year as they change with the seasons.


  1. Really lovely photos. Ireland is so beautiful....I can't believe I've never been! XXX

  2. I've never been to any of those places...thank you for sharing your beautiful photos :)

  3. Thankyou for your kind words over at my blog.
    i particularly love this photo on this post of the rainbow, Ireland is such a beautiful place.
    The hedgehog and cat drinking milk together is such a sweet shot on the side of your blog!
    best wishes Kat


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