Some Old Christmas Cards

Here are a few old Christmas cards which I found among all my other cards a few weeks ago. They were from my deceased grandparents to each other. I didn't cut these ones up as they are pretty old and hold some nice memories. These older Christmas cards are very traditional and simple but beautiful all the same!


  1. thanks for your kind comments you left me! *smile* i hope you enjoy the bird surveying-sounds like a lot of fun! love to know how you get on & what birdies you come across :0)
    very cute post of crimbo's gone by & of the cards your grandparents sent one another must bring a tear to the eye han x

  2. Hi! I love postcards so when I saw your comment for decor8 and noticed your post on old Christmas cards I decided to pop in. I imagine it's a great feeling to gather with your family on one of holiday evenings to have a look at these cards and share some stories, memories, anegdotes about your grandparents - mystic moments.

  3. Ooooh! Surprised to find you on the list of my followers. Well.... that was a very nice feeling! Thanks for popping in.

  4. Lovely Christmas cards. Thanks for stopping by my Hydrangea Heaven, I hope you come by again. Blessings!


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