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Since creating my blog I have got so much inspiration from each and everyone of my blogger friends. It inspired me to start doing some crafting and I have completed two cross stitch patterns and a rug. I am hoping to make a christmas garland next week as I have collected some pine cones for it. I have started to draw and sketch again, these are all things I loved but with work and uni I never made the time to do them. So now I have started to re-visit my creative side. As I don't have a sewing machine, you could almost say I don't know how to sew as I havent used one since I was in secondary school. I want to make so many things I have seen on other blogs, I want to learn to crochet, make some greeting cards, redecorate old furniture, my list goes on and on. You have probably already seen some of my cross stitch and other projects on my blog but for those of you who havent here they are;

I have a few more cross stitch patterns to start but as I have been busy lately I have to get around to them yet. So the projects I have completed so far were easy enough to do as they were projects which I received as gifts. I hope to buy a small/mini sewing machine after Christmas in the sales. Then I want to make some of my own crafts from old material. I have lots of ideas from all your blogs. I have also come across some wonderful crafts from other websites, magazines and even shops, here are just a few of them. I am sorry as I do not have all the links to these projects but some of them are from Prima and Hobbycraft

Some lovely simple bags for shopping should be simple enough to make!

How cute are these teddy bears, I want one! A bit more difficult perhaps.

A more advanced pretty cushion, I might leave this to the more expert crafters.  I can just see it on my bed

Now these look pretty simple & they can be filled with lavendar too as Crafty Mermaid did with her christmas presents. Oh a Mermaids Purse will like the blue and white one with Sweet Pea on the front :)

Now this wee owl I would really like to start on.Oout window shopping recently I saw it in Monsoon Accessorize & thought it looked quite simple to make :) Isn't it sweet!

A simple heart cushion from Prima

This is a truly beautiful idea check it out at Prima
Paper Dove from Hobbycraft all we need is white paper & feathers, even the kids can do it! So I might start here :)
More ideas from Hobbycraft Non-sew bunting which I can make once I get some material
This cat is just adorable and its from Hobbycraft too which has so many lovely ideas and products
These are just a few of the hundreds of ideas I have come across, I want to make one of everything I see but firstly I will have to get a sewing machine and nice material (cheap of course). But for now I will make the Dove with Feathers and try my Christmas Garland. If you have any nice simple projects I'd love to check them out. I'm sure some of you have made all these before, others may get some inspiration from these projects and websites, but whatever you do enjoy yourself making your crafts :)


  1. Glad you've found so much inspiration with everbody....I know it's helped me. I wish you lived closer as I would love to teach you to crochet and sew again.
    I just lose myself when I'm crafting.....sometimes for too long!
    Good luck with your projects hun....
    Enjoy every minute!
    Karen x x x

  2. It is like I would hear myself:) Really:DDD
    My lovely Santa (John) is buying a sewing machine for me! Yes, yes!!! I will have to learn it again. I love your rug with cats.
    Thanks for many ideas Ash:)

  3. Hello,the hedgedog is very nice even the dogs and cats.
    very nice.
    Santaclaus and reindeer i’ve

    Wonderful Inka and Andre

  4. Your projects are lovely! and your inspirations are all projects that speak to my to-do list :)
    Big hugs! xx

  5. Your post has totaly inspired me to get crafting. You did a great job with the cross stitches. I would love to make one of those shopping bags. Blessings!

  6. Some lovely crafting ideas there.I've got to get on with the blanket I'm knitting for the bed first,and then I'm going to try and give crochet another go.Look forward to seeing your 'makes' in due course.


  7. Good luck with the sewing machine. Threading can be daunting at first so you might want to nab someone to show you or look it up on youtube. :) You'll do great!

  8. Hello from Canada,
    You're right, there are all kinds of crafts one could be doing! I love those teddy bears too; they're adorable! One thing I wish I could do is crochet! I would have a doilie hanging in every window pane! They are so pretty and remind me of snowflakes.
    Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you will visit again soon and in the meantime, have a beautiful Christmas with your family and friends.

    Christmas blessings,


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