Our neighbourhood :-)

As I walked through the farm land on Sunday, I began thinking about my new neighbours and I even stopped by their homes, have a look around, unfortunately I couldn't explore the interiors, unless I was Alice in Wonderland :-)

I took some photographs which you can look at below. They are wee animal burrows I came across, rabbits or hares I think, I also spotted a badger's home and below from across the fields there are some views of our new home. A road goes by the house and that telephone poll is the opposite side of the road. The stone has to go on the porch yet and the roof of the porch needs to be finished.
 One of my neighbours homes
Another home
And another home
And below our new home.
The plastering inside is starting this week :)


  1. Did you actually see any hares or rabbits? It just occurred to me that they could belong to moles or field mice, don't they dig burrows as well?

  2. Sarah,

    We saw one hare, they looked larger than field mice holes and we don't have moles in Ireland. I was fascinated on my recent trip to Denmark as there were mole holes everywhere. In Ireland the nearest mammals is our pygmy shrew which are tiny and I have never seen one :(

    All things nice...

  3. Wow, your home looks amazing, what a gorgeous place to live! Sarah x

  4. house is looking great. I love burrow's! I saw some hares at the weekend, was great!

  5. What a wonderful neighborhood!! I love your photos of the animal holes and your house looks like it will be gorgeous!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. I am so glad that you did as now I have found a lovely new blog to enjoy.
    I hope that you don't mind me adding you to my favorites.



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