First Impressions can tell it all...

First Impressions can tell it all...Just like a hall or entrance door can tell us a lot about a property/ resident/ home and the individual that lives there too. Is it neglected? Is it colourful? Is it adorned with pretty flowers?
Is it inviting? Is it hidden? Is it welcoming? What's your first impressions of these???


  1. first impressions do tell all! unfortunately the front of my house says: disorganised mother of two young boys lives here!!!

  2. The front of our house is nothing exciting, but as it's only rented I'm not so bothered! I really like the stone cottages though, I imagine it to be cosy and homely inside.

    Btw I agree with you on the Smeg fridge in your last post, I'd love a big red one. Shame they're so expensive! :) x

  3. I love all of these entrance - I love the green doors especially :)

  4. PS -I thought you would like to look at these gorgeous cottages - they look like your kind of thing :)

    Lucie x

  5. Lucie,

    Thanks for that link, what wonderful holiday cottages, I particularly like the ones that sleep 2 peope. They are very cute and charming, I adore wee cottages :)

    All things nice...


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