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  1. some really pretty things here, I really like the cake stand and the china is lovely. and of course I love my cup of tea

  2. Great collage, I don't know where to look first, it all looks so yummy!! :-)

  3. Hi There! Thanks for visiting my blog, yes, the Crown & Crumpet is scrumptious in every single way! I felt the same as you "this place is so me!" Yup, if I had a bed, I would have moved right in!
    Have a great weekend, love your polyvore!

  4. Oh, look at all the pretties! Love this, tea and blogging, there is truly no other way to go! XX!

  5. Hello! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Oooh, do learn to crochet if you can, it's sooo therapeutic and rewarding of course. I did do the crochet in my pics myself and only taught myself this year from a good book and the wonderful Lucy at Attic24.

    I love your eye candy collection - so many pretties!


    PS. Did I spot that it is your birthday tomorrow?? If so, have a super day! :-)


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