Bespoke Contemporary & Classic Furniture

Are any of you looking for the perfect coffee table, kitchen table or other solid wood items???

Well I came across something unique and hand crafted using the best of local solid timber-
Hannah Avery Furniture

As you are aware of my passion of all things local, rural and handmade, I thought I'd share this with you. Hannah Avery is a bespoke furniture maker and designer based in Bristol, England.  Her designs are a combination of contemporary style and classic elegance. Each piece is custom made using beautiful hand sourced hardwoods and traditional wood working techniques.  Hannah was  awarded the 'people's choice award' at the New Forest show for her walnut Sideboard, which can be found on the website. I love her work and each piece is unique, stylish and will last the test of time!


  1. That is an amazing piece that's what my husband does for a living, all custom I wish he had more time to build things we design more. that pieces is fun with a little funk all in one. It looks lovely in your room!

  2. I love it! The craftsmanship is excellent! :)


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