Are you feeling blue with the wet weather??

Hope you like these blue rooms? I do and my new home will have blue in it for sure!! The sun has just started to shine again :) Not feeling blue any longer but still love these blue rooms :)


  1. I love then too and I'm sorry you've had rain..we've got a drought at the moment!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. I like these blue rooms.
    I'm not feeling blue because I'm on holidays!(even if the weather is not very shine in France too!).

  3. love the rooms so clean and cool looking,
    Hope your having a good weekend

  4. yessy wetty here this week- though luckily this afternoon we have sunshine woooohoooo!!
    love the cooool blue rooms- so pretty ;0)
    your blog is looking so summery ;0)xxxx

  5. i would be beggin' for wet weather if i knew it would produce beautiful rooms like you've chosen to inspire us!!! great post! :)

  6. Thanks Janean,
    Those rooms are all from the dulux colour range, so inspirational :)

    All things nice...


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