There is always time for...

Tea....  in lovely china and floral tea cups with delicate handles and tiny teaspoons, lots of milk and a good chat with a friend... Bliss! Anyone that knows me will know how much I love tea.

On my visit to Edinburgh my friends brought me to a place they knew I would love. It was called Clarinda's Tearoom on the Royal Mile. It was like my grans kitchen :o) We had breakfast and some lovely fairy cakes- yes I know those who indulge bulge, however it was more of a balanced diet of good and bad! Here are a few photographs to share with you. Sorry they are not the best of photographs as I was trying tp avoid the other customers.


  1. Have to admit that I am a bit of a tea-a-holick
    I just love my cups of tea.
    There is some really pretty china in your pictures, the tearoom looks interesting to,
    sort of place I would like to drink tea in.

  2. yay! I've been to Clarinda's too, after a night out on the town they served me poached eggs on toast and the best tea ever! I love that wallful of china plates - would love to do something like that in my kitchen!

  3. That looks such a nice little tea room to visit! I'll have to go sometime.
    :) x

  4. Like you I love tea! and I love lovely vintage tea-cups!
    Clarinda's tearoom is exactly the place where I'd like to enjoy a nice cup of tea with some scones!


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