My Sunday Trip

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. I'm relaxing today and going to visit an old friend now soon. Tomorrow I am going to the new IKEA store in Dublin, I have never been to IKEA but im really looking forward to it to see what all the fuss is about. Im sure I'll want to buy lots but one or two small items is as far as it'll go. Change of plans now, instead I am going to visit possible wedding venues along with my boyfriend and his sister and no its not me getting married its his sisters. Theres alot of wedding planning going on in our two families lately and yes this is a different wedding from the one that I was looking for the wedding invitations advice (See post below)


  1. Ikea is alot of fun! I love going there...whatever you end up doing, have a great time doing it! x

  2. I finally made it to Ikea this (Irish) summer and really enjoyed the experience. I bought way too much to happily transport home and was seriously worried about my luggage restrictions!

  3. Thanks Laurie Anne & Crafty Mermaid,

    I'll bring my camera and take some photos of the wedding venues for ye. Im looking forward to a day out anyway, and IKEA will be another weekend :) Hope you both have a really nice Sunday.

    All things nice..


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